Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Assembling Sweater Pieces

This is a hooded baby sweater where the hood is already attached. What is left are two sleeves, right front, left front and back to attach together in addition to hemming the bottom of the sweater and the bottoms of the sleeves. The first step in assembling the sweater is to BLOCK all the pieces. We do this by pinning the pieces and wetting them with a bit of water.

In this photo, I have taken the sweater outside in the sunshine and sprayed the pieces. It only takes about five minutes to dry in bright sunshine.

This photo shows where I am sewing an INVISIBLE SEAM. In order to do an invisible seam, you pick up the BAR between stitches on EACH side of the seam and then sew together.

This photo shows what NOT to do when making an invisible seam. You must pick up the BAR, not the side of the knitted stitch.

Here the sides of the sweater and also the side of one of the sleeves are completed, using invisible seaming.

This photo show the seaming is done all the way. The raglan sleeves were inserted and then sewn from the INSIDE.

Here is a photo that shows the HEMMING being done up.

Once the sweater is assembled, it needs to be blocked once again.

This is the finished sweater.